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unhappy accident by Dametora unhappy accident by Dametora
REpost, because there's a special someone out there who loves it.

This was in response to/inspired by a stamp made by ~horridcrow on his old account.
It said "I wish I had aborted."

There is a plz version!
Thanks a lot, mysterious user!

This stamp is totally serious. I wish I had been aborted.

I was an out of wedlock accident, and my parents were too old fashioned/stupid to believe in abortion or adoption or single parenthood.
So I have suffered abuse at their hands because my birth was forced.
No, adoption wouldn't have been better, because the likelihood of being adopted is extremely and ridiculously miniscule, and more likely than not I would have had just as many emotional issues because of that.

My parents do not truly love each other. Any idiot can tell. My father abuses my mother, my mother rolls over because she believes in the "women are subject to men" idea. They got married because dad got mom pregnant (and probably forced himself on her as the way she talks, she doesn't like sex or having sex with him, so the only time she does it when he won't leave her alone).

My parents are both very unfit parents, then and now.
My father is like a child, a brat himself, with an extreme inferiority complex that gives him a real short temper - you can imagine what that does for us all.
My mother has some serious emotional and body image issues that she imposes on us, making me believe I must be asexual or I'm a horrible person.

If I had not skipped along, perhaps my mother would have found someone more supportive to help her with her issues and raised a family properly. Perhaps my father would have grown the fuck up and started acting like a real man, without anyone to do everything for him lest they risk him throwing a huge fit. Or maybe their lives wouldn't have changed, but they would have at least had the chance, and I would at least not have had to go through what they've done and be their attempt at making up for a mistake.
Being only 20, I've not made enough of an impact on the world for lack of existence to radically change the world.

So really, my abortion would have been a pretty good thing.

Unfortunately, I was born.
I did not ask to be born.

tl;dr Shit happens when it shouldn't have to and was entirely avoidable, and I'm one example of that.

PS: Read this tree. [link]
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December 21, 2010
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