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bloody theocrats by Dametora bloody theocrats by Dametora
You want a fucking theocracy so bad? Go to the Middle East. I'm sure you'll love it there. Modest women, no fags, no Jews (except in Israel), women know their place, no damned foreigner influence, no evolution mumbo-jumbo, government blessed by God, enforced national worship... why, it's everything you dreamed of and more!

Stop trying to inject God into the government, or move to fucking Iran, or Saudi Arabia, or Afghanistan, whatever. Have fun with your little mini Crusades against "undesirables" there.

The whole reason for the colonizing of North America, for escaping to anywhere, was usually to escape a government that was in bed with a Christian religion.
When you have religion and government playing kissies with each other, you stop freedom. Religion has been used time and time again as an excuse for horrible violations of human and civil rights. There is a reason for the separation of church and state, so this doesn't fucking happen some more. Someone holds up their holy texts and says "well, it should be banned because this deity says so!" their argument is automatically rendered invalid, as it should be.

The Founding Fathers recognized this and put it up. They drew inspiration from the theocracies they escaped from, and the attempts at theocracies others have had to face (there's a rumour going around they gained some inspiration from a petition document to the Dutch East India Trading Company from one of their colonies that was a request for removal of a man who was attempting to enforce a religion and its doctrine [I think it was Puritan?] upon the people he was governing -- and it worked; he was removed).

Jesus himself comes off as for a separation of church and state, especially with the "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's..." bit. And I'm not the only one who thinks this.

PS: A good insight into the fascist theocratic dystopia. Sounds dreamy, dunnit?

GTFO my country, idiots!

[edit] I forgot to add what brings me to bring this up.

Number one argument against gay rights? God hates fags.
Number one argument against abortion? God says they have souls.
Number one argument against Muslim rights? God says they're false prophets.
Number one argument against sexual freedom? God says it's immoral.
Number one argument against science/evolution teaching? God did it.

God God God God God God God GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD

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This is not meant to be offensive towards Christians, just psychotic ones.

This of course is not something limited to the US.
Lots of countries have to deal with these psychotic shits. You'd think we'd all take a note of history once in a while, but we don't seem to want to...

So use the stamp at your leisure, regardless of which country you're having to deal with irrational theocratic supporting idiots.

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December 17, 2010
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